Monday, May 3, 2010

Dressing for the Linear Accelerator

One of you kind people told me I should "dress like you mean it" when you go for your treatments. Well, let's just say, my glamor days are so OVER. Like about 10 years ago? Also, I do not have exactly the ahem.."foundation" at the moment to properly wear anything drapey or lighter colored than navy blue? This shirt is extremely old and I can see by the photo, that although I pulled it clean out of my drawer, it has seen better days. I cannot part with my Mariners shirt anymore than I could part with my UW Husky socks. Well, friends. What you see is what you get! Comfort all the way!

The people at the radiology center are SO NICE. This treatment is very easy so far and they took 3 treatments off my total last week so I only have 3 weeks left. I feel lucky. Today, the woman right before me got her "3 Bells" rung and certificate of completion and I can hardly wait for mine so this can all be behind me.

KK and I sewed this week and there will be more posts about sewing soon! I promise!