Thursday, November 12, 2009

KK Christmas dress WIP

Here is the beading, both as WIP and finished. With no pattern and no way to mark on the taffeta, I think it turned out pretty well. I hope the beads don't fall off. The lining will go over the stitching on the back so if threads break, I won't be able to get into the back to fix it. I had my fingers crossed for the entire process. It only has to survive through a photo session and Christmas day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DDIL and KK's dress

DS sent this photo of Pam this morning. Cute! Glad the Jalie shirt is not going to waste.

Have worked a little on KK dress today. Can't get the neckline corners the way I want...nice and flat. I have to get them right before I can put the beads on. At the tearing hair out stage so I put it away for the night. It is clipped all the way to the corners.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Beading on the Fly

I thought maybe a little snowflake would look nice on the little scalloped neckline. These simple little ideas don't always work out so simply for me? Especially when I'm in a hurry. I remember my SIL picking up beads with her needle from little dishes on the table beside her chair. She was so fast and did such beautiful beading. I wish I had paid more attention when I had the chance.

KK dress...I don't know what I'm doing?

This is the pattern I am using for KK dress, view A. I am making it out of taffeta. We are going to have an overskirt which will tie on. She doesn't like scratchy fabric so I decided to do it that way. I also bought some silver bugle beads to put some little doo dads around the neckline. Honestly, I hope this project is not a disaster. I basically don't know how to handle this fabric at all. I can't decide whether to use a rolled hem on the overskirt or to just hem with a ¼" hem. Also, I have no clue what to do with the beads or how wide to make the ties or the waistband...a learning experience on a deadline. My favorite! Yeah...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shirt Update/Classes/Catching Up

Welllll....... The shirt was too small in the shoulders and too short through the bodice for DD. That is because she is so thin that in order to get something to fit around, it can be too short. Without being able to try things on, it did not fit. It DID fit DDIL#2 though, so at least somebody will get good use out of it. DD liked the fabric but I don't have enough to cut her another shirt exactly like it. But, maybe that is a good thing as she and DDIL#2 would probably rather not show up wearing the same shirt. I will cut DD one out of the contrast print and her contrast will be the plain color.

I signed up for 2 classes at Josephine's today. It has been 30 years since I put in an invisible zipper so I signed up for a zipper class. The other class is a pants fitting class in January of 2010. I am thinking by then I should be ready to fit pants...assuming my plans work out. I hope they have another jacket class in the near future. One of the SG women took that class and made a really pretty LH bolero jacket. It has been 30 years since I made/tailored a lined jacket too! I do not remember anything about "sleeve heads." Huh?

I went to the Quilt Expo over in Portland last month and saw some beautiful quilts. I still do not want to do quilting but I can appreciate what other people can do. This horse one, named Vision of Horses, by June Jaeger was my favorite. It was gorgeous. It received a Judges Choice award and well deserved, I thought.

Adele P. Margolis passed away at the age of 100 yesterday. Carolyn had a nice tribute on her blog (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) which prompted me to buy 2 of her books, including her tailoring book. I think I had that in my original sewing room?

I finally did 2 sensor buttonholes on my Janome 6600 today. This was after I realized that DS had moved my thread guide and that's why it wasn't working correctly. Oh, Geez...