Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Jalie Patterns Came Today

The two newest Jalie patterns I ordered came from PR today. I really like them both and think there might be some fabric in my stash to try them out. One of my DDILs wears about the same size pattern as me so if it doesn't look good on me, she can wear it. They are both in style and young enough looking that she will like them. She has a lovely figure and I have a grandmotherly one but in some things, like knits, we can use the same pattern. One is that new scarf collar top and one is a cardi with little pin tuck looking pleats down the front. Very cute. I also have some other fabric to make some cardi or vest tops out of woven fabric....some pretty georgette and some loose weave zig zaggy woven that has a Missoni look to it. One of the things I do not understand is why you have to have 4 way stretch to make my new patterns. If they stretch going around, why do you need stretch up and down? Obviously, there is something I am missing??

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