Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Jalie Patterns Came Today

The two newest Jalie patterns I ordered came from PR today. I really like them both and think there might be some fabric in my stash to try them out. One of my DDILs wears about the same size pattern as me so if it doesn't look good on me, she can wear it. They are both in style and young enough looking that she will like them. She has a lovely figure and I have a grandmotherly one but in some things, like knits, we can use the same pattern. One is that new scarf collar top and one is a cardi with little pin tuck looking pleats down the front. Very cute. I also have some other fabric to make some cardi or vest tops out of woven fabric....some pretty georgette and some loose weave zig zaggy woven that has a Missoni look to it. One of the things I do not understand is why you have to have 4 way stretch to make my new patterns. If they stretch going around, why do you need stretch up and down? Obviously, there is something I am missing??

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful day at DS#2 house. DS#1 called 4 times from Switzerland but nobody heard DS#2 cell phone ringing so we did not get to talk to him. By the time we discovered it, it was about 1 in the morning where he is so we didn't try to call back. Here are the girls in their new shirts and baby Sam in his Santa suit, held by his Daddy. Great dinner and fun under the tree. Now tomorrow, I need to start cleaning up around here so I can start in again. I still have 2 projects to finish. Then, it's time to start sewing for me again. Yay!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve (long and chatty)

It's Christmas Eve and I am about ready to turn in. In the morning I need to get up early, toilette self, make a salad, clean kitchen, load car and take off for DS#2 house. This year I did not get all my sewing done and for some reason, I am fairly exhausted. It is a good thing I do not have to do Christmas this year. I offered and thank heavens nobody took me up on it.

Jalie 2804 has been retired! At least for a few months. I finished DDIL shirt and hope it fits. I love the print. It is a Pucci looking print RPL from Lucy's with a flat finish and really nice hand. It came out of the dryer feeling so soft. I ordered 2 more Jalie patterns and can hardly wait to try them. I still have at least two more things to sew that I did not get done for Christmas and then, I am going to start making myself a new wardrobe.

Yay! 30 pounds gone this year. I started last February and took it slow. Unfortunately, most of my old wardrobe still does not fit. I weigh the same as when I bought the clothes...but alas...things have dropped and bulged. Very sad.....Many new fitting problems now. But, on the bright side, I have Matilda. Yippee Skippee!! Somebody from SG is going to help me fit the cover. I am so excited and can hardly wait to get started. In January, I am taking a pants fitting class over at Josephines. I have already taken one class from the instructor and really like her. That's important when you are going to be parading around in your undies, don't you think? ;-)

The fabric I am using for my pants is a wool/rayon twill with a smidge of silk (5%) in it. It was advertised as chartreuse but when it came, it looked "mustard" to me. I would never buy that color if I saw it first but it is growing on me and the fabric is really nice. Very soft but weighty enough for pants. I hope I can find something nice to line them with...I may have to go for a silk print because I don't think there is much of a chance of matching the color.

Oh, I get to see my little KK and little Sam tomorrow. It is Sam's first Christmas. I made him this little bib to wear tomorrow. KK will be wearing her Christmas dress too. I put her old Christmas bib in with my packages. She thinks she is far too old to wear a bib but maybe she would if it was only for 15 or 20 minutes. I don't want to insult her but don't want food on her taffeta Christmas dress either??? I just put my camera in my purse so I won't forget it in the morning.

Usually I am not anxious to turn another year. I have no wish for my life to pass any faster. But, I will not be sorry to see the end of 2009 and I have heard so many other people express the same thought lately. Maybe it is the economy? The war? Maybe it is the constant bombardment of bad news on the radio and television? It could be because so many people, like me, got notified that their credit card interest rate has just almost doubled in addition to home foreclosures and lost jobs? Who knows? But, I hope 2010 is better.

I have several goals for 2010 but prefer, at this point, to keep them to myself until my ideas are worked out more clearly.

I hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas and that 2010 is healthy and happy. ;-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Jalie for DD...This One Fits

This fabric is prettier in person than in the photo. The red is actually a deep, blue red. DD picked out this fabric when I sent her some links. I can't remember if I bought it at Gorgeous Fabrics or Fabric.com.

I know this fits because I basted and tried it on her before I sewed it up. It ruined the surprise but it's better than making another one that doesn't fit. I had some black PL stretch in my stash but it was so stretchy that I am a little worried that the wrap in the front is going to ride up in the center.

One more of these to finish for Christmas. Then I will be glad to switch to something more interesting. It's just that the girls like this pattern.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Little Christmas Cherubs

The little cousins....How cute is that???