Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bunny Fun, the liberation of Matilda and Rose View Manor

What a great day! The guys came over, dug up the back yard, added mulch and some other things roses love and planted the last three. I hope they make it. They are a little crowded and the soil is bad so we shall see? There are two more bushes across the lawn at the neighbor's because I just didn't have the room. I am keeping my fingers crossed for blooms galore out the door and on my table this summer from these 7 new bushes.

This is how it looked when they were done. They also brought me potting soil for my pots. If the weather would cooperate, I would fill those up with Spring flowers asap.

Then off to a wonderful meal at Meriwether's over in Portland. The food was fantastic and the view out the window just lovely. No sun, but lots of greenery and beauty..

My bunny girl and boy had fun and true to form, were very well behaved. And, without any planning at all, one DDIL and DD each wore their Jalie shirts that I made them for Christmas. Kewl!

It was very comforting to me to have everybody there this year. I am not embarrassed to admit it either.

I am doing great and have much to be thankful for and am not complaining at all when I mention that I found out today that I am to have a little radiation. They will tell me the end of the week when I am to start it and how long it will last etc. Just a little insurance policy. I didn't have the energy to post to my family blog too so posted these pictures here. But, am anxious to start posting about sewing again.

Well, at last!! Matilda has been liberated from her box! Yay! Yippee Skippee! Not sure when I will fit the cover but soon. Just a little more healing to do first. I have so much nice fabric to sew some pretty things for Summer and Fall. I totally have the bug...just need a little more mojo.


  1. stash, so great to see you posting so soon after surgery. I know it takes while to heal. How wonderful to have your roses planted - I'll keep my fingers crossed that the soil is good and you get your blooms all summer. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Isn't it nice that you could spend Easter with your family! I'm so glad you are on the mend. If you need help with Matilda, let me know. I need the practice for when I get mine:=). Oh, and Meriwether...where is it?

  3. There's nothing like getting your kids to do a little work for you to put some extra shine on a day! Your Easter sounds wonderful, Stash. Beautiful family, beautiful photos.

    Best of luck with your radiation treatments. I hope they give you the strongest of advantages as you fight to be disease-free once again. I'm thinking of you!