Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabric and Books

Another bag of fabric came from Fabric dot com. They used to send everything in a box but the last 2 shipments have come in sacks. They arrived safely so no harm but my sewing assistant Spunky is miffed since he prefers boxes. First of all, on recommendation of that Sewing Fanatic Carolyn, I bought some designer stretch wool that is TDF. I ordered black and navy but they ran out of the navy. Carolyn is so right. It is beautiful. Then, curiosity got the best of me and I ordered 3 lengths of slinky. I mean, what is slinky?? It's sort of shimmery on one side. Actually, it looks like lingerie fabric to me and I've heard it can be difficult to sew. Why did I need 3 lengths of this stuff to find that out?? Oy...

Since the navy stretch wool was sold out, I bought some cotton/rayon faille from the Vera Wang collection in navy and it is very pretty. It has a "crispy" hand, for an unlined jacket or maybe pants? I will be curious to know what it feels like after I pretreat it..... which will be after I find out how to do that? That gold hammered silk is from a different order. I love the colors of these fabrics and am getting anxious to sew. I think of all the fabrics, faille is my favorite. When I was a little girl, I had a peach colored faille dress with hand embroidered tiny flowers (think heirloom roses) at the neckline for dress up that I loved. When it was handed down to my younger sister, I remember being so sad because it was too small for me. I LOVED that dress. I wonder if it was rayon? We are talking ca 1950?? Did they have rayon in 1950? I know nothing about synthetic textiles.

In addition to fabrics, I bought another book....Power Sewing by Sandra Betzina. I am hoping it will help me remember some prior skills and add some new ones.

Soon there will be projects to look at. My plans for Matilda were put on hold this weekend, but soon she will have her cover. And, I will be sewing up several pairs of pants. I also plan to alter my old TNT pants pattern because it is so fast to stitch up and I like the shape. There is another Burda pants pattern I want to use from the January 2010 issue too. Now that Marla has shown me what to do, I think my pants will fit from now on....famous last words.

Cheers............Sew Happy!!

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