Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yippee Skippee!! The Better to Sew With....

Yay! I bought a new (to me) washer and dryer today, which KK is showing off. It is SO HARD to sew when you have to cart your fabrics out in the weather to the laundry room or to the laundromat. And, you don't want to share a washer & dryer with people who might be putting who knows what in the machines you are using. DSx2 will come and install in 2 weeks since DS#2 will be out of town next weekend.

I am so thrilled about this. ;-)


  1. I think the last thing I would ever give up would be my washer and dryer. Congratulations, Stash!

  2. They would have to pry my dead fingers and arms and legs from around my washer and dryer. I resolved to never visit another laundromat if I can possibly help it (oh, maybe on vacation, MAYBE). Congrats, Stash! I know you will give them the chance to show you their full range of tricks! K