Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunshine on the Cloth

The sun is peeking through the blinds and shining on my fabric. I received my last box today and Spunky is happy because it is a box and not a sack. The red and turquoise are RPL as is the pale mint. The pale mint is so lightweight that it is going to have to be a nightgown for summer. This online shopping is hit or miss. This "Vera Wang Designer Woven Jacquard Circles Navy" looks nothing like the picture at Fabric dot com either. The little thumbnail is what was on the site but it looks very black in person even though I can see the navy along the selvedge.

Yesterday I received a trial swatch packet from Vogue Fabrics online and I loved some of the swatches. I did join FabricMart swatch club for a year so will be looking forward to that. Since I have forgotten so much about fabric and there is so much new, I thought that the swatch clubs would not only prevent big surprises, but they describe the fabric content and label the fabrics so I can learn from that too. The little swatches can be kept forever and I can refer to them if I can't remember what a twill or a jacquard or an RPL is. There is a cherry colored wool twill at Vogue fabrics that is TDF. I need a slap long side the head.

Will be preparing fabric all Sunday and Monday, I hope. My new washer and dryer will be installed. Yay!!

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  1. Woo hoo, Stash! Lots of new sewing goodies, between those from your last post (and the SB book, which you will love!) and those that just arrived. You'll be happily sewing in no time.

    I love the knits, especially the turquoise one, and the Vera Wang looks beautiful (I'm imagining it a midnight navy). Will it be a jacket?